Protect Your Electronic Devices Against Drops

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Corning Incorporated. All opinions are my own. My hubby and I have several mobile phones.  All of them are still in working order but since he is now retired and I work from home, we decided to cut our cell phone services altogether.  During… Read More »

Tips To Keep Your Staff Organised

Source: As a business owner, one of the most important parts of your organisation is the staff. Unfortunately, at times they can also be the most infuriating. One of the main reasons behind your frustrations is probably their lack of organisation, which is in turn harming the profitability of your company. Strong organisational skills are… Read More »

Basic Home Solar System Guide

For many homeowners, installing a home solar power system is a wise investment that converts free sunlight into electricity. A home solar system reduces pollution and has the potential to reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bills. This guide is designed as a basic overview of a home solar system, including the components necessary… Read More »

How Going Paperless Helps Streamline Operations

For many companies, going paperless is not a decision they take lightly. Therefore, it is not surprising that they will want to be sure they are making the right operational move before jumping on the bandwagon. This is why we are looking to help you see how going paperless can help make your business processes… Read More »

The DIY iPhone Battery Replacement Kit

Remember back in the day when you could take the battery out of your phone? A day when if your battery wasn’t holding a charge, you could head down to the cell phone store and purchase and new battery and just swap them out? Those were the days when you look at it in that… Read More »

How to Help a Child Being Bullied at School

School can be tough enough on kids at the best of times. The anxiety of homework, the constant regimentation of the classroom, the frustrations of social cliques — all of these can be a bit much for a child to bear. So the last thing you should permit, as an educator or a parent, is… Read More »